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03 May, 2017

Homemade Bread, Marcel Waves and Holding Affection

From February 1925 Better Homes and Gardens ~ 'Let's Bake Some Bread'

"Whether home baking is a money-saver or not is a matter for each one to work out according to her own local conditions.  There is a wide diversity of opinion on the subject.  It is probably not much of a saving to bake bread for a family of two, but by the same token, it is not much trouble to make it!  It would be interesting and illuminating to take a census of all husbands' opinions, as to whether a fresh baking of homemade rolls or a fresh marcel in their wives' hair had the greatest power for holding affections!  It is possible, of course, that one can go so far as to greet one's husband occasionally with both."

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