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11 August, 2018

The Late Summer Garden and the First of the Harvest

I did not keep a big vegetable garden this year.  Mostly greens, nasturtiums and some baby pumpkins for my son.  Two tomato plants in pots that have already given what they produced.  But the flowers and herbs were exceptional this year. 

I planted a number of new herbs and I have some sassafras trees coming in the fall, which I'm told are persnickety.  I may try to over winter one or two indoors in case the fall transplants don't make it. I have a black walnut tree a squirrel planted for me which I saved in a pot, he will attempt to over winter as well.  I also have a witch hazel bush that will spend the winter indoors because we missed the transplant deadline.  I've never had much luck with things keeping well inside over the winter, but I'm going to give it a go.  

My Chicago hardy figs I planted last year were not hardy and didn't make it.  Oh well.  A chipmunk got the two figs they produced.  

We managed to keep one sunflower from the chipmunks and rabbits.  They either dig up the seeds or eat the tender shoots.  It never works well for my son and I. 

It's hard to believe but summer is already coming to a close.  

The ever cheerful sunflower.


 Some decorative flowers for pollinators.  A purple salvia and orange daisy.

Hops which will be gathered and dried for tea.

Rosa Rugosa ~ Rose Hips which will be harvested for tea

These have already sat for six weeks and been strained, Elder Flower brandy and Lavender Flower in Vodka.  

Good winter medicine.
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