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02 June, 2017

Scenes From the Garden - Upcycled Garden Architecture

Scenes From The Garden

All of these striking elements of garden architecture are inexpensive ($3 or less) thrift store finds that were eh hem....less than attractive (ok, some were downright ugly). 

 I used Krylon silver, mirror, stone and copper finish spray paints along with clear enamel where needed.  The mirror finish is not outdoor safe on its own.  The silver spheres I had purchased last year at Lakeside Catalog and the little ceramic birds were at Michael's last year.   The paint was the most expensive purchase and I waited until I had coupons to use to buy them.

In one afternoon the garden was transformed.

Under the elderberry

 Next to Solomon's Seal

Tucked in next to a second elderberry with some sage

Behind the lilies

 In front of the Lemon Balm

In the mint bed (various mints will have likely nearly covered it by late summer)

A candle sconce serves as a buffet bird feeder, the ragged bird houses were already here when I moved in.  The Love sign got a quick coat of copper spray paint and graces the Holly.  The ceramic on the faux stones had faded so they got a coat of paint.

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