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30 May, 2018

Changes in the Garden ~ The First Rose of Summer

Finally, after a very long, drawn out winter, spring has truly arrived beyond sprouts and buds.  This is one of three heirloom roses I planted last year, Rosa Rugosa Alba, and the first to bloom.  I also planted Rosa Rugosa and Apothecary Rose.  All three are thriving.

It's amazing how much joy the little things give me.  Seeing these roses alive with Lady Bugs makes me so, so very happy.  I do not use any chemical pesticides in my garden and only natural one's where needed.  Neem oil dilutions in the Spring on the fruit trees, organic fertilizers and compost, etc. Making my yard more and more alive and fertile each year is my goal.  I try to let nature do as much as she wants or needs to do on her own, with as little interference as possible.  To me there are no weeds, just recalcitrant herbs.

And lastly, I've cleared a space in the garden for some specialty plants.  Not to worry however, as most of our favorite garden residents are poisonous if ingested, fox glove, lily of the valley, the holly in the picture and rue will all make you very ill if ingested (so please don't eat anything!).  But these are a little more sensitive and are for historical purposes only.  Henbane, Wolfsbane and Belladonna (a wild version of which (woody nightshade) grows rampant around my garage and property).  So although it's really not all that novel to have poisonous plants (yes a green potato can also make you very, very sick) and we know that we shouldn't eat the flowers unless we know what they are, it is rather whimsical and will make for interesting plant study.  I don't have small children (or small children visitors) and it is fenced off from my pets.

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