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12 April, 2017

A Children's Easter Party for April ~ 1928

From The Women's World Book of Children's Parties


Easter Salad--Stuffed eggs in a nest of shredded lettuce
Nut Bread Sandwiches
Bread and Butter Sandwiches
Pineapple Sherbet
Individual Cakes-- with yellow icing and in the center a wee nest of coconut held together with white icing and three or four yellow and lavender candy eggs in a nest.
Chilled Grape Juice


The loveliest colors for the Easter season are yellow and lavender and the two combine in charming effects.  For a children's party nothing could be more entertaining than a surprise basket in in the center of the table.

No Easter party would be complete without an Easter Egg Hunt.  Hide the eggs all around the yard or in the house if the weather does not permit.  Give a prize to the child finding the most of one color and a prize to the one finding the smallest number of eggs.  A little basket filled with candy eggs may go to the winner, with a chocolate rabbit as the consolation prize.

Egg Rolling Contest

Give each child a colored Easter egg.  Have them all stand in a row and start at a given signal to roll the eggs to a certain point.  The child getting to the point first with his egg uncracked should receive a prize.  It may be a fancy cardboard egg filled with candy.

Bunny Hop

This is played the same as tag, except hat instead of running, the players must hop.

Guessing Contest

Have a certain number of Easter eggs in a basket.  Let each child have a look at it and guess the number of eggs it contains.  The child guessing closest to the number should receive a prize.  Be sure to have an uneven number of eggs in the basket.  A little potted plant, artificial of course, makes a good prize.


Stool-Ball is as popular with American Children as it was when played by the milkmaids in the days of Merrie England.  Instead of using stools as the milkmaids did, it can be played with flat stones out of doors or with cushions indoors.

Arrange the cushions in a circle at a considerable distance apart.  Each player takes a cushion excepting the one who is "It" who stands in the center with a ball.  When the one who is "It" throws the ball in the air, each player must run to the next stool.  If the one who is "It" can catch the ball and tag any player with it before that player reaches the stool for which he is bound, that player becomes "It" and the one who has succeeded in tagging gets his cushion.

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